Established in May 2018 by Hon Carmel Sepuloni, the Minister for Social Development, the WEAG will be undertaking a broad-ranging review of New Zealand’s social welfare system to reduce inequalities and create an inclusive environment.

We will consider ways to ensure people have an adequate income and standard of living, are treated with respect, can live in dignity, are able to participate meaningfully in their communities and have the skills and training to secure meaningful employment and other positive outcomes.

Our work programme

Our work programme covers three main areas: the purpose and principles of the welfare system, the design and operation of the welfare system and how welfare interfaces with other systems, such as health, the labour market, housing and justice.

The WEAG are particularly concerned with hearing from those who rely on welfare to survive difficult circumstances such as disability, responsibility of caring for others, illness or similar.

We understand that people receive welfare for many reasons including low wages, high housing costs, trauma and illness. Our no-blame approach is based upon sound evidence of what happens to shape the lives of people and how we might best make a positive difference in ways that benefit them, their families and our communities.     

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