Based on what we have been asked to do in the Terms of Reference and the scope of our work programme, the approach we will be taking is as follows.

Focus on solutions

We will focus on solutions rather than redefining the problems. We will be making recommendations that are enduring and are robust and rigorous enough to last the next 20 years. 

Draw from others' work

Our work does not exist in a vacuum. A great deal of comprehensive and significant work has come before us that will not be lost or replicated. We will draw from and build on existing knowledge and evidence, including utilising research into people’s experience of the system to inform our work.

Engage with people

We will engage with key people and organisations, prioritising the experiences of people who interact with the welfare system. We are also able to draw on the wide range of expertise and experiences within the WEAG.

Timing is crucial

The pace of our work is critical. Too many New Zealanders are living in desperate situations, and we need to act quickly to address the complexities of the system and the changes that are needed to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

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