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Detailed recommendations for this section are listed on page 124.

Recommendation 29

Urgently expand and accelerate Government efforts to substantially increase public housing on an industrial scale and continue urgent efforts to end homelessness.

Recommendation 30

Increase the range of home ownership and tenure options for people on low and low–middle incomes.

Recommendation 31

Increase the capacity of third-sector community-based housing providers.

Recommendation 32

Develop and enact laws and regulations to ensure healthy homes and housing security, decent standards of housing quality, universal design, and accessibility.

Recommendation 33

Subsidise housing costs for people on low incomes (in addition to raising main benefit rates to provide an adequate income) and ensure the combination of changes to housing support and abatement rates make households better off.

Recommendation 34

Improve access to affordable, suitable housing support for people on low and low–middle incomes, including a range of affordable home-ownership products and papakāinga housing.

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