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Recommendation 1

Amend the Social Security Act 2018 to state that anyone exercising power under the Act have regard to the following purpose and values.

The purpose of the welfare system is to whakamana tāngata and ensure a dignified life by:

  • providing financial security and social security sufficient for an adequate standard of living
  • supporting people to achieve their potential for learning, caring or volunteering, and earning through good and appropriate work.

The welfare system is underpinned by Kia Piki Ake Te Mana Tangata, including kaupapa Māori values of:

  • manaakitanga – caring with dignity and respect
  • ōhanga – economics
  • whanaungatanga – treasuring kinship ties and relationships
  • kotahitanga – unity
  • takatūtanga – preparedness
  • kaitiakitanga – guardianship.

Recommendation 2

Use the following principles to guide the design and operation of the welfare system.

  • Be person-centred and wellbeing focused.
  • Keep children paramount.
  • Value whānau and families.
  • Treat people with dignity, respect, compassion.
  • Provide an income sufficient for an adequate standard of living.
  • Provide full and correct entitlements.
  • Deliver support that is easy to access, timely and appropriate.
  • Provide an employment service that supports people into good and appropriate work.
  • Support provision of housing that is affordable, secure, of good quality and appropriate for the person (and their family or whānau).
  • Promote mutual expectations.
  • Aim for equitable outcomes.
  • Build and maintain effective linkages with other parts of government.
  • Be sustainable.

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